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A contact of mine thought it was ';good parenting'; to call a 12 year old daughter a ';rude pig';?

Alec Baldwin convo to his child:鈥?/a>

What do you think? Does this contact have an anger problem? Control problem? Problem with women?A contact of mine thought it was ';good parenting'; to call a 12 year old daughter a ';rude pig';?
Absolutely, it is wrong. Alec Baldwin sure does have some anger issues and needs to take some anger management classes. I remember when this hit the media and how this situation all resolved with his daughter.A contact of mine thought it was ';good parenting'; to call a 12 year old daughter a ';rude pig';?
Honestly... I think your contact should refrain from passing judgement either way.

It is a situation that has been brought about by a couple of parents who are trying to battle out their differences through their child.

A fairly common occurrence... but because of who the parents are, this case is getting a lot of publicity.

Neither parent is doing all what's best for their child and neither one is completely in the wrong either.

All in all, no matter how anyone feels about the situation, in the end it will be the daughter who has to decide which parent she feels was the better care-giver because it is her who has all the information, and her who experienced all the events.
He had a drinking problem, I have seen parents on alcohol call their kids a lot worse. I think he showed remarkable restraint, considering how the ';Child '; was acting. a twelve year old would not have acted like a three year old if he wasn't using all the best advice that the village had to offer, he should have spanked her (not Beat) when she was three and she would not be acting like a rude pig now.
It's definitely a ';politically incorrect'; parentology situation, and I just made up the word ';parentology'; as a new religion, will you join? but I digress...

But I wouldn't crucify the guy over it, because I mean, maybe he has that kind of ';crass'; relationship with his daughter as an ongoing game of theirs' to, well, you know...the family that insults together, stays together, that sort of thing, so let's not judge anybody too harshly here, and set the nation on fire with our way too much and way too misplaced concern for the chill dren, touche', Adios, That's Life Aloha, Thank you very much, and...

...and God Bless, Amen...
We don't know the context of the tirade, so it's pretty ignorant to judge him on it. What if his daughter took a crap on his floor and killed his pet dog, or something like that. In that case, ';rude pig'; would not be enough.
That whole episode with Baldwin was disgusting, but he was drunk and that says it all.

Should anyone agree with what happened they are either a drunk themselves, on drugs, or stupid.

Sorry, if this a friend of yours.
Considering some of the 12 year old children I know, that comment would be insulting to the pigs.
Sometime kids do act like rude pigs....

Sometimes it appropriate to tell them.

Spend your thoughts on raising your own children.


Focus on improving yourself and your life and how you spend your time and stop wasting it judging others.

Oh no, now he's going to need six months of therapy. There's far worse, she'll be fine.
She should have picked up the phone that HE bought her. I'd have been upset too.
cool your mind there is no problem
i see nothing wrong with rude pig, there alot worse than that.

Are crime rates rising because of liberal parenting practices?

The rising crime rate can be attributed to a number of factors, 2 of which are a sense of entitlement, and a disregard for your fellow humans.

The sense of entitlement can come from indulgent parenting, the civil rights movement, wealth, welfare, the media, or anthing else that leads a person to belive they are entitled to something.

Disregard for your fellow human can also come from a variety of factors, chief of which is parenting. If children aren't taught the golden rule, as adults they have difficulty adjusting to a society in which they cannot do whatever they want to regardless of who it harms. This condition can also come from the media, which glorifies both entitlement and disregard for your fellows.

Liberal parenting has a hand in it. The reluctance to disipline children effectively gives them the impression that they can do as they please and suffer no consequence. Even at a young age liberal parenting has an adverse effect on the socialization of the child, which is manifested as misbehavior in public, destructive actions, disobedience, a sense of entitlement, and always has the result of embarrasing the parents in social situations.Are crime rates rising because of liberal parenting practices?
It's certainly not helping matters any. I know of far too many parents who think that by virtue of the fact that they live in a nice neighborhood that they don't have to worry about what their kids are doing and with whom. Meanwhile, they themselves are so busy pouring another drinking or popping another pill they're oblivious anyway!Are crime rates rising because of liberal parenting practices?
No. I think it's because we make a hundred new laws every fifteen minutes...I can't get out of bed without having broken some sort of law anymore.

There are actually thousands of people in jail because of ';thought'; crimes...and ole' Judge Wapner taught me that ';Words are not deeds!';
crime rates are going down

the liberal's doctrine of abortion is what has caused this
I think it could have a little to do with it. When a parent gives a child no bounderies, the child will often go as far as possible. In my opinion, one of the hardest things to do as a parent is to find the right balance of structure and freedom for your children.
Children are not being taught that there are consequences to their actions. Also, we live in an instant gratification society, ';I want it and I want it now';. Kids seem to think that they should get whatever they want, even if they have to take it from someone else, rather than work and save for it. It's all rather sad, isn't it?
No, liberal children aren't angry. It's the conservative children who have been forced to conform to ideas they don't believe in.
Yes...latch key children are crippling the United States.
I think so. When you take the fear of God out of things what is left to feel morally responsible about? I understand that all people believe in God differently and that some people don't believe in him at all but just look at the differences in crime rates since the crazy hippies started to ruin everything with ';free love'; and heroin.

Also, I think that as a result there is less respect for elders which also leads to more crime.

Do you think Dr. Spock has good parenting advice ?

Dr. Spock didn't actually raise any children himself. His wife did. He more or less admitted shortly before his death that his advice was based on assumptions and not actual knowledge or practice.

Compare that with Dr. Sears who garnered most of his knowledge from not only his patients about what worked for them, but also he and his wife raising 8 kids. And he admits that right in the first pages of his books!

In general, pediatricians are not qualified to give parenting advice. They are medical doctors trained in injury and disease. They don't even have much knowledge about nutrition, yet they dispense it like they actually know something. My friend's daughter, a pediatrician, herself is very cautious about giving out parenting advice. Her children have mostly been raised by their grandmother because she and her husband are both doctors in their early careers.Do you think Dr. Spock has good parenting advice ?
The best parenting advice comes from the parents who own the child, as no other 'expert' knows the child's mannerisms better than those who live with the child every day.

I like to read parenting books, magazines, stuff on-line, and asking friends and family for every kind of advice under the sun, but when it comes down to it, I take what I've learned from my team of experts and apply it in bits and pieces to my own child...then go from there.

You need to know what works best for your family.Do you think Dr. Spock has good parenting advice ?
Some of his advice is timeless, and some is outdated. They have updated versions of his original publications which are somewhat useful. As with all advice, you have to weed through it and find what is helpful to you and disregard what you don't agree with.
Ya the person who convinced the ';stupid'; majority that spanking was bad. I don't think that would be considered ';good parenting advice';. Take a look around now for evidence of what I'm talking about.
I think his advice about daily care is pretty good - feeding, toys, sleeping, etc. But as far as discipline and childrearing practices, he's quite a bit out of date.
some good some outdated

Parenting questions please help?

I am having a hard time with my children. Mainly the 2 oldest who are 4 and 2. They don't listen and I need some ideas to get them to be good. If I spank them for being bad, its abuse. If I yell at them to keep them safe, its verbal abuse. If I let them do what ever they wanted, its neglect. I am in a bind. I have tried talking, and putting them in corners. I have also taken away tv time and the eldest tv. Any ideas?Parenting questions please help?
Children need structured time. Play time with them, dining time and instruction on how to act at table and then there's rest time with possibly a story. Maintain the schedule and only reward good behavior with hugs and kisses. Children get overtired then act out so naps are a must. Hope that helps.Parenting questions please help?
Spanking and yelling are not necessarily ';abuse';.

We don't spank for discipline in our family, but I know families who give their girls a little swat on the behind if they're being naughty. Notice, ';swat';. It's not hurting them until they're black and blue (that IS abuse). It's giving them a little ';ouch'; on their posterior.

Yelling at your kids is not always verbal abuse, either. If you swear at them and belittle them and call them names, then yes, it is abuse.

You need to calm down yourself first of all. What gets you the most aggravated about their behavior? Do you need to separate the 4 year old and the 2 year old if they get into mischief together? That's what I do when my two children misbehave together. One goes upstairs and the other stays downstairs.

You need to pick your battles. Otherwise, they're going to tune you out, if you yell at them for every little thing.

Have a three strikes and you're out plan.

Try time-outs. Find a quiet corner somewhere and put a chair there, or use a ';naughty step';. Somewhere where the children can go, when they have misbehaved.

Maybe you can have a family meeting and together write down good behaviors and bad behaviors and consequences for bad behaviors.

Also, remind them of safety issues, so you don't have to yell at them to remind them. Remember, sometimes if you yell, they will tune you out.

And I definitely agree with Stevie N regarding structured time.
Time outs work well with my 3 and 4 year old. They have to sit in time out for 1 minute for each year of their age. If they get up take them and sit them back down. Keep doing this until they stay there. Eventually, they will give up and stay in time out if you are consistent. Use a timer so they will know that they can get up when it goes off. With the 4 year old you could also try taking a favorite toy or video game. Let her know that she will not get it back until she listens to you and does as she is told. Always make sure you tell them what they are doing wrong. Discuss other options with them that they could have done that would be better.
Being a parent comes with Authority. you must discipline .who's in charge. kids need rules to follow. try a chart with prizes. don't give them anything let them earn rewards. get down to their level look them in their eyes tell them what they are doing wrong.don't yell at them. I don't recommend you spank them. time-out works. taking their favorite things away. It work for me. my son is 8 now I can give him a look and he knows what it mean. Patience, It will happen.
they always listen, so try talking less. say the things that are most important and really start listening to them. use the word NO less often and tuck your anger away cuz it doesn't benefit anyone in the family. turn the TV off and go outside more often.
Check out the Priceless Parenting online class - it provides wonderful ideas for setting firm yet loving limits with children without spanking or yelling.
Spanking isn't abuse and neither is yelling.

As long as you aren't hitting and making bruises its fine, and yelling all the time is too much.
put them in the corner and then put a gate up so they cant get out. or lock them in their room. you could give them no food until they say sorry
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  • Where can i find the indiana parenting time guidelines?

    i am looking for the indiana parenting time guidelinesWhere can i find the indiana parenting time guidelines?
    Kind of light on detail here. Depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If this is for shared custody, it should be included in court paperwork. You can check with Department of Children's Services also.

    Where can I find a good parenting forum to do research in? Yahoo answers is nice, but...?

    I think I can get better answers faster by posting in forums. What's a good one?Where can I find a good parenting forum to do research in? Yahoo answers is nice, but...?
    Personally, I like the forums at ivillage. They have forums on all kinds of topics and the ladies I meet there tend to be reasonably intelligent.Where can I find a good parenting forum to do research in? Yahoo answers is nice, but...?
    go to
    go and search as much as you like for good forums love that site

    Does anyone know any free upcoming parenting workshops or classes in the San Jose, CA area?

    Check with your local hospitals.. most of them offer classes. Most of the classes are free,, especially if you are going to deliver there.

    *5 minutes later * Yep,,, I just looked,,, Good Smaratin Hospital has classes,, you might check them out. I will pasted the link below.Does anyone know any free upcoming parenting workshops or classes in the San Jose, CA area?
    go to your local baies r us they always have and they are about evrything